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07 July 2013 @ 12:37 am
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Water Shortage: Israeli Criminal Policy Leave Palestinian Taps Dry

USA: Rise Like Lions - Occupy Wall Street And The Seeds Of Revolution

USA: Brawl At Pride Fest In Seattle. Street Preachers Get Attacked By Crowd. 30 June 2013

Students Show NO MERCY, Pin NSA Recruiters Against Wall

Leader Of "Free Of Syria" Battalion: We'll Stand With US & Israel When They Destroy Iran & Hezbollah

[FLASHBACK] - CNN Interviews Christopher Bollyn, Tries To Ridicule Israeli Link

NSA Recruitment Drive Goes Horribly Wrong


4th Of July DUI Checkpoint - Drug Dogs, Searched Without Consent, Rights Taken Away, While Innocent


Syrian Terrorist: "We Will Stand With Israel"

Will The New Egypt Allow Palestinians To Arm - Morris

MP: Ireland A Lapdog For US Imperialism - Hero

Air Farce One: Morales Skyjacking Sparks Anger In S. America

[Flashback] - Bush: Truly Not Concerned About bin Laden

65 Outrageous Lies By President Obama

Ways To Avoid And Block NSA Snooping Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=JVDGXqYQYGY and Part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=PBBgqGSDctE#at=209

[Flashback] Ted Gunderson Former FBI Chief - Most Terror Attacks Are Committed By Our CIA And FBI

USA: Army Veteran & Cop Aaron Weiss Gives The Best 2nd Amendment Speech Ever - Dutchess County - NY


USA: Hawthorne, Ca Police Kill Dog

USA - Hawthorne PD Lt Scott Swain (Dog Killer) Has A History Of Lying And Killing

Tom Lehrer - We Will All Go Together When We Go

"Terrifying Future" Video Shows Excerpt Of DHS Agents' Exercise Against Zombies

Combat Phrase Book For US Soldiers In Japan

Alex Jones Finally Admitting Its The Zionists

Obama Praises Mandela, Supports Apartheid - Weapons Of Mass Distraction

Germany, France Outraged By US 'Cold War' Spying Web

USA: Shock Video Shows Police Forcibly Drawing Blood

The Coming Monetary Revolution ‘Public Banking’

How The Broadcast Media Is Controlled


Wall Street Wankers - An Irishman Abroad - Denis Ryan

John Roberts Confronts McCain About Getting His Picture Taken With Syrian Kidnappers

The Men Who Killed Kennedy "The Truth Will Make You Free" COMPLETE EPISODE 6

Bob Tuskin Shakes Up NPR With Call Mentioning Building 7 And Other Truths

Best 7 Minutes On Gun Control I have Ever Seen!

Bugging Brussels: New Snowden Leak Claims NSA Spies On EU Diplomats

Exposed: UK Cops Unit SOCMINT Sucks Up Data From Your Online Networks

Leaks Classified! US Army Blocks Guardian Online Over 'Network Hygiene'

The Rent-a-Government

Ex US Marine Speaks The Truth About Afghanistan, Israel And Iraq

Woolwich Message: UK Faces Grim legacy Of 'Peacekeeping'

USA - The Resident: All Americans Are Terrorists

Horrific Video Of Beheading Raises Questions Of Arms Supply To Syrian Rebels

1984: Blueprint For US Authoritarianism - Happy Birthday George Orwell

TV Show on Al-Etejah English - Episode 18 with Ry Dawson

BANKERS! Mark Steel Nails It

[FLASHBACK] NSA/Greenwald Warrantless Wiretapping Controversy Nearly 7 Years Ago

BEX ALERT - "American People Want The NSA Collecting Every Text Message Their Teenage Daughter Ever Sent"


Miko Peled: How To Counter False Accusation Of Anti-Semitism

'American Empire Stands Naked By Snowden Leaks But Not Ashamed'

Could Fracking Be Heading In Your Direction? Shale Gas Exploitation Set For Take-Off As Survey Suggests UK Reserves Are Much Higher Than Thought

Ben Swann's Media Reality Check

'UK Beefs Up Security As If Preparing For Civil Unrest'

Michael Hastings Death - Murder And Hatzolah

Mandela Almost Dead

World's # 1 Podcaster Adam Carolla "Doesn't Care" About NSA Crimes: Here's Why He Should

Israel Did 9/11 - Jewish Ex-Marine SPEAKS OUT

Press TV Anti-Zionism Conspiracy Rant By An Ex US Military Marine About Afghanistan, Israel And Iraq

The Great Global Warming Swindle - Full Version

Domination Over? New Rating Agency To Fight US Big Three

Aurora PD Chief: DNA Evidence Destroyed

Search For Scapegoat: US Tries To Demonize Snowden To Smother His Revelations

Enemy Of The State 1998 - All About The NSA - Said Beautifully (Updated With More Video)

USA: Spy Drone Can See What You Are Wearing From 17,500 Feet

Nestlé Responds To Abby - Corporate Troll Spotting

Edward Snowden Is NOT The Real Issue

Obama Called "War Criminal" & "Hypocrite Of The Century" In Irish Parliament

How Government Makes Examples Out Of Good Americans - RIP Swartz

TWA Flight 800 Cover up EXPOSED - FBI Covered Up That MISSILE Shot Down TWA 800

We Are Change UK - Phil Hayton And WTC7

EX-AL QAEDA Member: Nabil Naim (ENG SUB) - The Syrian Lie - Al Nusra's Fake War

USA: One Of The Most Unlikely Gun Advocates Tells His Story To Glenn Beck - Colion Noir

Larry King: Greenwald Not A 'Journalist' - Think Tank

Former Zionist Isreali Ambassador: "North Korea Needs To Be Wiped Off The Map"!

THE END OF AMERICA! Naomi Wolf Full Length Video and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aW9PulYpjGs

Department Of Justice Meets Snuggly The Security Bear!

Chase Mode: US Set To Catch Snowden Amid Biggest Hunt For Whistleblowers

Post PRISM: Encrypted Communications Boom After NSA Leaks

Assange: Snowden, Manning Victims Of Obama's War On Whistleblowers

Is Obama Going For "Hypocrite Of The Century Award?" Asks Irish Politician Clare Daly

The Jews Who Own The Media

USA: Gov. Cuomo And Senator Skelos Caught With Pants Down In Nassau Cabbie Cop Shooting And Illegal Cell Phone Use and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZra_SqnPR8

Warning... Extremely Graphic And Horrible - Video Of The Syrian Rebels The U.S. Is Arming And Training... This Is Who Americans Suppose To Support!

[Flashback]: 'After 9/11 NSA Had Secret Deal With White House'

Mystery Solved? The Container Ship MOL Comfort Breaks In Half

USA: The Disposable People

The NSA's Persistent Dragnet

[Flashback] - Obama: My Plan Makes Electricity Rates Skyrocket

Rabbi: Young Boys May Have Consented To Sex

Judge Napolitano ~ NSA Most Outrageous, Extensive, Massive Violation Of Constitution

Bunker Bias: Israel Elite Bets On Exclusive Shelter As People Left w/o Hideout

Chemical Shower: Turkish Water Cannons 'Cause Skin Burns & Insomnia'

£27Bn Hole: Massive Discrepancy In UK Bank Sheets, Who's Footing The Bill?

Operation Junkyard: US Scraps 'Tons' Of Equipment As Afghan Exit Looms

Revealing Reality: US & UK 'Evolve Into Full Blown Police States'

UN: Impossible To Determine Syria Chemical Attack Perpetrator

Palestinian Detainees - It Is Like Being In Guantanamo - London Conference June 22

Surveillance Revelations Pushed People To Look For More Private Ways Of Going Online

Modern Torpedoes Split Ships In Half By Exploding Under Their Hulls

Russell Brand: Politicians Exist Solely To Protect The Interests Of The Rich & Powerful

Maddow Explains How The FBI Can Assassinate Anyone They Want

USA: WTC 7 Explosion

USA: Immigrant Terrorist Fetuses! - Brainwash Update

John McAfee Continues Τo Be One Weird Dude

USA: NSA's Criminal Activity

Syria News 20/6/2013, Huge Container Vessel Carrying Weapons To Armed Gangs In Syria Crashes

Turkish Water Cannons Spray Chemicals 'Causing Skin Burns & Insomnia'

David Icke On The Real Background To Syria

RIP Michael Hastings - Hero

Who Are Syria's "Rebels"? - Think Tank

All You Free Spirits All You Rule Breakers, You Misfits & Troublemakers, All You Free Spirits

My YouTube Video Camera Kit And Setup - Beginners Guide

Turkish Unrest Could Encourage An Attack On Syria - Sheikh Imran Hosein

G8: Self-Important And Inefficient - Think Tank

Sukhoi Su-35 Paris Air Show 2013

Advice From NSA Whistleblower On Trusting Your Government

Face-Tracking Minority Report Style - Big Brother Watch

Mass Protests Hit Brazil Over Transport Fares, FIFA Cup Overspending

Russell Brand Destroys MSNBC Talk Show Host For Treating Him Like Shit

Propylene Glycol (Anti Freeze) In Your Drinks, Foods & Skin Care!

USA: WACO - The Rules of Engagement

Sukhoi jet - Fighters su 30, su 33

Tens Of Thousands Protest In The Streets Of Brazil! Overwhelming Numbers! This Is How It Gets Done!

Bill Maher Democrat Lackey - Brainwash Update

[FLASHBACK] - General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years

GOP Rep's Epic 1-Minute Beatdown Of Barack Obama On House Floor - VIDEO

Reminder Syria

Erdogan Continues Police Aggression - Turkish Girl

USA: SWAT Team Bursts Into Man's Home, Keeps Him Handcuffed For Six Hours Over A Student Loan


[FLASHBACK] - $9,000,000,000,000 Missing From The Federal Reserve. Why should any American pay their taxes?


Breaking: NSA Admits Listening To U.S. Phone Calls Without Warrants - Emails - Text

Biden In 2006 Schools Obama In 2013 Over NSA Spying Program


Obama's Lies About Chemical Weapons In Syria

Ron Paul On Obama's Syria WMD Claim

Huffington Post Admits They Will Never Question The Goverment About 9/11 & Censors Anyone That Does

Companies With Ties To Israel Wiretap The U.S. For The NSA

USA: Ben Swann Naming Names In IRS Scandal On Hannity

Erdogan's Troubles Not Over - Turkish Girl

Sen. Joe Biden On NSA Databases, Wiretapping & Privacy- CBS/Smith May 12, 2006

Glenn Beck: Was John Roberts Threatened Into Supporting Obamacare?

Obama: If You Can't Trust Us, We're Going To Have Some Problems

USA: Surveillance And The Secret Court

'EU Shocked & Angry By Unaccountable US Surveillance'

MSM Tries To Link Snowden To Ron Paul's View Of Ending Aid To Israel

Boston Marathon Hoax Revisited

Epitaph: The Late, Great United States

Startpage's New Proxy Service!

Israel, Turkey Checkmated In Syria: E. Michael Jones

Brit Hume Dismisses Concerns Over NSA Spying As "Misplaced Hysteria"

Zionist "Nestle": Water's Corporate Takeover - Brainwash Update

Confessions Of NWO Jewish Zionists

USA - Home Depot Co Founder: We Should Throw Edward Snowden A Party - We Ought To Be Grateful

Ryan Dawson Fukushima, JFK, 911, NSA (Radio) Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=N2JyR_gUNok and Part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2XJEVkkrSxc

Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me (1984) ODE TO THE NSA!

Why Shouldn't I Work For The NSA? (Good Will Hunting)

No Signal: Greek State TV & Radio Taken Off Air Due To Crisis

Interview With Ellen Brown About Public Banking

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