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26 August 2013 @ 11:27 pm
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Busted! U.S. Backs False Flag Chemical Attack In Syria!

Breast Squeezing For Charity (Learn From Japan)

PressTV Potential US Military Intervention In Syria Suicidal Analyst

Leaked Documents: U.S. Framed Syria In Chemical Weapons Attack

The Truthseeker: US Civil War Is Coming

[Flashback] - Syrian Rebels Behind Aleppo Sarin Attack, Not Assad Forces - Russian Inquiry To UN

[Flashback] - 'FSA Syrian Terrorists' Chemical Lab Uncovered Near Damascus

Matt Damon: Snowden Did A Great Thing

Powerless Part-timers: Zero Hour Contract Growth Sparks Anger In UK

Latest Video Of Syrian Genocide

"This Could Have Been An Israeli False Flag Operation!" - Col Wilkerson

What The Media Isn't Telling You About War In Syria

USA: Police Tase, Fire On, And Kill 95-Year Old WWII Vet

Attack On Syria Is All Hype - Morris

Syrian Gas Attack Recycled Lies And Falling Apart Again

USA - 9/11 Footage: "Go Home, They're Blowing Up The Buildings." "Subsequent Explosions"

'Only Rebels Benefit From Syria Chem Attack, As It May Greenlight Intervention'

USA: WACO The Rules Of Engagement

USA: MOSSAD Truck Bombs On Sept 11


You've Woken Up... Now What?

US-Israel Desperate To Create Pretext For Mass Murder In Syria: Ken Stone

Get Smart Prequel - "Would You Believe..."

Run Snowden Run!

UK: Remembrance Day For The Slave Trade London Commemoration

Syria: "Only Rebels Benefit From Recent Chemical Attack"

USA: Federal Agents Say They Dismantled Anonymous!

USA: Texas Towns Frack Their Way To Drought Conditions

Germany Govt WARNS: Windows 8 NEVER USE! Microsoft Can Control Computer - Gather ALL Data And A Never Get Rid Of Backdoor For NSA

EMERGENCY ALERT: Latest Syrian Chemical Attack Follows History Of False Flag Provocations

3 Ways To Teach Children The Truth About Money

Gun Confiscation Begins In California

New Zealand Prime Minister Flees Press Conference When Confronted On Illegal Spying

JAPAN - Natural News Exclusive: Fukushima Victim Exposes Japanese Government's Attempted Bizarre Brainwashing Of Radiation

Zionist Ann Coulter Says Radiation Is Good For You

USA: The Mafia Like Security State Is In A Panic

Alleged Chemical Attack In Eastern Ghouta August 21st

The Biggest TIPPING POINT For FREEDOM In Human History -- Bill Still

US Backed Plan To Stage Chemical Weapons Attack & Blame Assad 2013Jan30

[FLASHBACK] - BBC Exposes 'Fudge Factor' In ClimateGate Global Warming Computer Programming Code

Israel Targets War Vets!

The Psychology Of Authority

The Resident: Evil Monetary Fiction

The Resident: Evil Monetary Fiction

YouTube Fearful Of People Awakening: Analyst

9/11 Revisited: Live Mainstream Media Coverage Conflicts With Official Story

USA: SWAT Team Has Real Life Terror Drill On School Bus Filled With Terrified Children

WHO In The World Is Spraying? - Trailer

USA: Watch This Video Before Choosing A College Major!

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Abolish The NSA And Give Snowden A Parade

Exclusive Video Of British Spies Destroying The Guardian’s Computer To Try To Stop Spy Stories

Jewish Genocide Of Armenian Christians

Will Egypt Get Foreign Intervention? - Morris

Economist Warns That Riots Are Coming To America


Volcano Erupts! Japan's Sakurajima Has Largest Eruption & Ash Plume Seen In Decades!

TWA Flight 800: Response To Zionist Peter Goelz's Comments On CNN

UKRAINE: Karpathia

TWA Flight 800 - Families Respond To The New Documentary

Call Of Duty: Awakened Whites Must Spread The Word To The Rest Of Our Race To Stop White Genocide

9/11 False Flag

AntiWhites Up All Night - Stop White Genocide!

George Carlin - It's A Big Club And You Ain't In It

STOP White Genocide!

Bill Hicks - JFK

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me: Rockwell Parody. Obama Is Watching Me

A Compilation Of Violent Black Racism - Trayvon Martin And The Media Cover Up

Extraditing UK People And Putting In Solitary In USA

Offering Black People Free Trips To Africa

Was CIA Chief John Brennan Behind Journalist's Murder?

Obama's Secret $8 Billion Bribe To The Muslim Brotherhood

[FLASHBACK] Jonestown Blaming Iraq For The OKC Bombing

9/11 Truth Graffiti Once Again Compels Mainstream Media To Address The Issues Behind The Graffiti On Air

Letter From A Bedouin At This Time - Voice Over

Documentary On Aspartame - Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World

The Moment A Female Protester Is Shot By Snipers In Rabaa

Egyptian Security Forces Allegedly Opening Fire On The Protesters In Suez

Egyptian Blood On US Tax Dollars - Interview With Brian Becker

US Citizenship: Privilege Or Albatross?

Letter From Egypt - In Search Of A Lost Arab Identity

Tungsten Filled Gold Bars

Tungsten Filled Gold Bars Found In NYC. Is Your Gold Bullion Real?

How To Detect Tungsten Filled Gold Bars

Zionist Greenspan Admits The Federal Reserve Is Above The Law

Dan Rather's Account From November 25, 1963

USA - Barrett Brown: 100 Years In Prison For Posting A Link? - Brainwash Update

Announcement: Truth In Media Project Launched, Inform, Engage, Activate

Gold Gone? Germany Baffled As Fed Bars Access To Bullion

USA: How Congressmen Are Bought

Flight 93 Cell Call Exposed!

10 Questions America's Foreclosure Crisis Documentary Trailer #1. A Scathing Look NH Foreclosure; The State That Votes First

USA - "We're Building A Domestic Army" - Marine Corps Colonel Speaks Out

USA: Republican State Senator Thinks “Nullifiers” Should Be Hanged And Shot?

Eat The Rich- An Animated Fairy Tale From The California Federation Of Teachers

[ Flashback] Obama Warns Not To Challenge Official 9/11 Story and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slEM9aaLkYA and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHm4t-rcPa8

[Flashback] Israeli Spies Caught Celebrating 9/11

Why The Military Knows Israel Did 9/11

9/11 FOX Reports Flight 93 Shot Down By An F-16 From The US National Air Guard

The Secret Government PBS 1987 Bill Moyers

USA: A Video Visit To DA Dan Conley's Office To Pin Him On Hiring, Campaign Contributions And His Contempt For The First Amendment

Kurt Sonnenfeld, Ex-Director Of Broadcast Operations For FEMA On 9/11, Now A Political Refugee In Argentina

Fixing Greece

USA: Zionist Whitey Bulger Convicted Of 11 Grisly Murders But Corruption Continues In Boston

Russia and Gay Rights... Or Something Else

Untested Science: Fracking Natural Gas Controversy

The Truthseeker: We Came, We Saw, He Died (E7)

Psychopath Zionist Hillary Clinton Laughs About Gadaffi's Violent Bloody Death And The Fall Of Libya

USA - Michael Hastings Dead: "It Sounded Like A Bomb Went Off In The Middle Of The Night"

Filter Of Car Air Conditioners Tell The Truth "Fukushima"

The Clinton Chronicles

Conspiracy To Tell The Truth - Interview With Lance DeHaven-Smith

USA: CORRUPT COP Goes Nuts On Bikers Taking Pictures, Gets Taken Down

USA: 84 Year Old WW2 Vet gets Neck Broke By The Police

Zionist Christoph Hörstel: "First We Take Damascus, Then We Take Iran"

Saudi Arabian Prince Defected - Saudi Torturing And Major Human Rights Violations - Killing Dissidents - U.S. Ignoring

Abby Martin Blasts Rachel Maddow For 9/11 Comments

Elite Underground Tunnels and City Completely Stocked March 2013

Tim Hawkins - The Government Can

UK: Festival Balcombe With Music And Visuals - Anti Frack

UK: Balcome Land Agent And Closer To The Drill - Anti Frack

Balcome Land Agent And Closer To The Drill - Anti Frack

Security Expert Says Get A 2nd Offline Computer

UK: Support 4 Activists Àround Despair - Debbie

Bradley Manning, The Nuremberg Charter And Refusing To Collaborate With War Crimes

The Most Transparent And Ethical Administration Ever? LIE! 8/10/2013

Abby Martin Calls Out Rachel Maddow For Painting 9/11 Truthers As Potential Terrorist

USA: Joe Rogan Questions Everything S01E02 - Full Episode [HD]

Can Snowden's NSA Leaks Cause Real Reform?

You Love Monsanto? I Don't And I'll Tell You Why

Preview: 9/11 In The Academic Community

RT HD Headline News Truth Behind The Disinfo About Russian Gay Law

Deception And Dishonesty Affecting Gold Price

Wag The Dog: An NSA Production

USA - Texas Bank Robbers Become Victims When They Kidnap The Wrong Couple One Dead Other Critical

USA: THIS IS WHAT A POLICE STATE LOOKS LIKE! "YOU Open The Door When We Come To YOUR F*cking House!"

Barzani Warns He Will Assist Syrian Kurds - Sound Only

Hollywood Keeps Censoring Pirate Bay Documentary, Director Outraged

Greenwald: Is U.S. Exaggerating Threat To Embassies To Silence Critics Of NSA Domestic Surveillance?

USA: House Expands IRS Targeting Probe To FEC

The Atomic Curse On Humanity - Brainwash Update

The Atomic Curse On Humanity - Brainwash Update

Terror Alert: a Blank Check For Assassinations - Think Tank

Justin Amash: President Obama Was 'Highly Misleading' In Claiming There's No Domestic Spying Program

Shotguns, Flying Robots And The NSA: Biden, Rand Paul, O'Reilly, And Megyn Kelly Get 'Songified'

Make Mine Freedom (1948)

Merlin Miller: Take Back America - Freedom Palooza Rousing Speech On The USS Liberty And Ending Zionist Control Of America

UK: Fracking Protest Support And Police Friendly And Firm

Dear Hollywood: Giving Identical Scripts To Congress Reveals That You're Feeding Them Talking Points

Jay Leno Rips Obama In Monologue As Barack Waits Off Stage

Ron White On "Paying For The War"

US Officials Admit: Al Qaeda Bomber Was CIA Informant

Police Squad Invades Home With No Warrant Or Reasonable Cause - Coral Springs, Florida

USA: Pedophile Police Officer Caught Meeting 13 Yr Old For Sex

Poisoned By Plastic - Interview With Dianna Cohen

USA: DEA Spying Exposed - Big Brother Watch

USA: Alan Grayson "They're NOT Saying That It Prevented Terrorist Attacks AT ALL!"

Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist

1974 PSA Warned of Coming Surveillance State to Control Behavior

USA - 1974 PSA Warned Of Coming Surveillance State To Control Behavior

The Most Honest 3 Minutes Of Television, EVER...

Scotland Investigates: Britain's Private War

What Does The American Public Really Think About NSA Spying On ALL U.S. Citizens?



USA: Tennessee Man's Handgun Privileges Revoked By Judge For Posting YouTube Videos

George Carlin The Best 3 Minutes Of His Career "The American Dream"

CIA Insider Tells 9/11 Truth. Time To Re-Examine Your World-View, America!

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