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17 September 2013 @ 09:16 pm
# 10764


Mozhgan Hudiburgh, Don't Tell My Mother I'm In Iran


Breaking: Leaked Footage Of Islam Battalion Launching Infamous Ghouta Chemical Attack On Aug 21

Ron Paul: Has The Tide Turned Against The Warmongers?

New Apple iPhone 5S Commercial = NSA

Fmr US Attorney General: US Sanctions Are Genocidal - Interview with Ramsey Clark

Star Spanged Noses

[Flashback] - Israeli Lobbyist Calls For False Flag Attack To Get Us Into Iran War

Syria Undeniable PROOF SNC & Al Farok Did Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria 8/21/2013

Syria Shocking Video - SHARE THIS WITH EVERONE

Operation Ajax And The Blowback From Iran Since 1953

UK: Mark Duggan Inquest - Police Changed Stories On His Shooting

Censoring The Decrease In Global Temperatures

USA - Dirty Judge Roundup: Ciaverella, Limas, Courtney And Pinto Brothers Bribers To Prison

Obama Laughed At When Referring To The Overwhelming Scientific Evidence On Climate Change

The Best Of George Carlin: “I Don’t Believe Anything The Government Tells Me!”

USA: Fast And Furious - The Twin Towers

The Birth Of The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank - How Usury Destroyed America

Greg Palast: A Memo That Confirmed Every Conspiracy Freak's Fantasy - This Is Huge!

9/11: 'Jewish NeoCons' Responsible For Iraq War: MSNBC

Stop Monsanto From Poisoning Hawai'i

9/11 & The Zionist Defeat In Syria: Mask Of Zion

Nigel Farage Confronts Barroso On Global Warming Scam (State Of The Union 2013)

Landmark Deal: US, Russia Agree On Dismantling Syria Chem Weapons - Obama Drops "Military Trigger"

WW3 - The Case Against Obama's War - Please Watch

USA: Washington Post Proof NSA Gives Israel US Government Spy Files

Seattle Car Theft Caught On Private Camera: Cops Must Step Up Their Game

China Accuses Israel Of Being Behind U.S. Lies Of Syria And The Iraq War

USA - Father Of 9/11 Victim: The Commission Was A Sham

Father Of 9/11 Victim: The Commission Was A Sham

Proof Of F$A Liars And US Liars! No Chemical Weapons Used! Sleepy Injection!

POWERFUL Speech About The Military Industrial Complex & US Imperialism (Graphic Content)

Cold War Of Words: White House Fires Back At Putin's Claim In New York Times Op-ed That The U.S. Is 'Not Exceptional' As Senator Says It 'Made Him Want To Vomit'

USA: 9/11 Incontrovertible Proof The Government Is Lying

Fast And Furious - WTC7

I, Pet Goat II

USA: 9/11 CNN Reports World Trade Center Tower 7 Collapse Before it Happens


9/11 Radio Transmissions of WTC 2 Firefighters and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPvu0lQCu20

Your Wealth To BE SEIZED: Hoffman - Nielson

Abby Martin Calls Out Rachel Maddow For Painting 9/11 Truthers As Potential Terrorists

David Rockefeller Watched 9/11 From His Office Window

USA: 9/11 In A Nutshell - What Do You Think?

[FLASHBACK 2011] - Michael Rivero Government Lies Presentation 9/11/11 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-aGifhMiZs

Obama vs Obama On War, Industry Of Fear, Selling Islamophobia, And 19 Suspicious 9/11 Figures

USA: CBS - Senator Cut Off In The Middle Of 9/11 Prior Knowledge Discussion

Reality Check: More Americans Are “Rethinking” 9/11?

USA - I Told You So From 2008

False Flag On US Destroyer Can Start Syria War: Ex CIA Analyst

USA - BREAKING: ROAD WARRIORS! 2 Million Biker Ride To DC...Here They Come! (Video)


WOW MUST SEE Obama Destroyed & Called A War Criminal In Irish Parliament WOW MUST SEE

Obama Destroyed! Must Go Viral! They Keep Taking It Down!

"I Am A Zionist! You Don't Have To Be A Jew To Be A Zionist!" - Joe Biden

UKRAINE: Another Russian Warship En Route To The Syrian Coast

Nations Need To Depart From Dollar Or Enter Third World - Jim Willie

USA: Help Obama Kickstart World War III Video! Hilarious!

Inside 9/11 - Who Controlled The Planes?

Investigation Of Private Video Production Company For The Govt./Whitehouse Around The World. Behind Ads FOR War

Sir No Sir!

George Galloway: Dogs Of War Slaver Over Syria, Powder Keg For Disaster


USA: Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement EXPLODES On Obama Over Syria

Turkish Girl In France On French Attitude To Syria

American People Making It Clear To Their Representatives They Do NOT Want War With Syria!

Abby Martin, Breaking The Set

Russia Today News Declares 9/11 An Inside Job False Flag Attack!

"The U.S. Continues To Use Depleted Uranium White Phosphorous WOULDN'T Join The Landmine Ban"

"The U.S. Continues To Use Depleted Uranium White Phosphorous WOULDN'T Join The Landmine Ban"

Against War In Syria: The Great Parliamentary Revolt of 2013

Zionist Senator John McCain Guarantees Russia And China Will Not Retaliate A U.S Syria Strike... Basically Says They Dont Have The Balls..

The Vietnam War: Reasons For Failure - Why The U.S. Lost

Guy Calls For Zionist John McCain To Be Arrested And Tried For Treason

Obamas Nuclear Gift For Christmas

USA: MUST LISTEN TO! Recorded Phone Calls I Made To D.C. House Representatives Regarding Syria War Vote - Offices Acknowledge Against International Law And Rebels Most Likely Did Chemical Attack - BUT Still Considering WAR!

USA: Special Bulletin (1983), Predictive Programming?

Unbelievable F22 Raptor Crash

Syrian Rebel Admits Using Chemical Weapons And Justifies Killing Women & Children

The Truth Behind Maryland Robo-Signer Attorney Thomas P. Dore's 90-Day Law Suspension

Syrian Gas Attack

BUSTED: The Elites Admit That Syria Is All About OIL

USA: MRAP Military Transport Vehicles Ready To Be Hauled By Train - Jun 2013

Lost An Email? Just Call The NSA! and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsjgOWwNRnk


USA: Protesters Dragged Out Of Senate Hearing On Syria

Syria Another War By Deception

China Accuses The U.S. Of Lying About Syria And Has No Logic For War. U.S. Doesn't Care About International Law

USA: Miss Alabama Is Happy The NSA Spies On Her

Jafari After Meeting UN Official

Actual Video Footage Of Syrian REBELS Launching Chemical Weapons!

Take Your Money Out Of The Bank!

Take Your Money Out Of The Bank!

USA - My Message To The Syrian People. 92% Of Us Are NOT With Our Government Nor The Terrorist Who They Support Causing The Problems Of Your Country! We STAND WITH Syria!

MUST SEE! Glenn Beck Shocking Video - THIS Is Who We Are Helping In Syria! SHARE WITH EVERYONE!

More Gas Cylinders Mounted On Shells And Fired By FSA Terrorists Against The Syrian Army

You're A Warmonger

BOOM! Syrian Army Crushes The Obama Backed Rebel Assault From Jordan! Jordan Places Air Force On High Alert!

Jon Stewart to Neocons Pushing Syria War: SHUT THE F*CK UP! SHUT THE F*CK UP!

USA: Why Nobody Trusts The Mainstream Media

The Syrian War What You're Not Being Told

UK: Snippets US Embassy Demo Against Attacking Syria - Sept 3

Boehner "I Will Support The President And The Call For Action Against Assad - Allies In Region Need Us To Stand Up For Them" Message I left At His DC Office Saying He Is A War Criminal If Votes Yes!

Sen. Obama... Congress Is Duped Into War, Congress Should Stand Up To President AGAINST WAR!

Bugger The Bankers

Obama's Plan To Attack Syria!

U.S. Government With Sour Grapes Over Rebels Losing To Assad Government

Congressional Hawks Tie Syria To Military Budget Cuts

How Does HOLLYWOOD Portray WALL STREET CORRUPTION? - Mike Rivero & Josiah Johnson

Finkelstein On Gaza: White Phosphorus

Original NSA Whistleblower Russ Tice: NSA Targeted Barack Obama

Syrian Rebels Praise Bin Laden, Celebrate 9/11 Attacks

Netanyahu's Dirty Propaganda About Iraq Having Nuclear Weapons

Jordan Protest Syria US War

Putin: Measure Your Success By Non-Fired Missiles!


Ticket To War: No Moron Left Behind

Syria Should Retaliate With Everything They Got

Hungary Pays Off IMF - Tells them To Get Lost

Rothschild's World Bank: Money Laundering Criminals | Interview with Whistleblower Karen Hudes

USA - Ron Paul: Syria Chemical Attack Looks Like A "False Flag" - Pat Buchanan & Vladamir Putin Agree

Karen Kwiatkowski And Ry On Syria

Obama Saying The U.S WILL STRIKE Syria Because It Is A National Security Issue, But Will Get Congressional Approval - Assad Committed The Chemical Attack

USA: Catapult The Propaganda

Stupid Terrorists

USA: Dont Attack Syria Demo August 31 London

Galloway: 'If US So Confident Of Assad's Crimes, Why Don't They Publish Evidence?'

Zionist Michael Savage: US Doing Israels Bidding In Bombing Syria

Gilad Atzmon On Press TV - President Obama Is 'Confused' About Possible Attack On Syria

A Conversation About Syria

USA - Ron Paul On Fox News: "Syria Was A False Flag"

Syria Will NOT Be Defeated: The Ugly Truth

War Is A Racket By Smedley Butler

USA: Wargasm

God Rot Our King By Stuart Wilde

[Flashback] Israel Lobbyist - We Need A False Flag To Start War With Iran

War Is A Racket By Smedley Butler

'Bizarre To Take Action In Syria Before UN Report'

UK: George Galloway On Syria

Moral Obscenity: Toxic Background To US Chemical 'Highground'

SYRIA: Zionist Bankers Western Hypocrisy And Lies

Syria Time For Brinkmanship - Syrian Girl

David Icke On Τhe Real Background To Syria

'Hands Off Syria!' Protesters Rally Against UK Intervention In War-Torn Country

CNN Lied And Caught Red Handed, While Staging Fake Syria News

Making A Killing: The Untold Story Of Psychotropic Drugging - Full Movie (Documentary)

SYRIA: U.S. Aided Terrorists In Chemical Attack, Europe Next

President Obama: 'I Have Not Made A Decision' On Syria'

Must Watch! The U.S. Is Being Baited Into This War ON PURPOSE! By Gregory Mannarino

Ken O'Keefe In Tehran - "Iran Is Not The Threat, We Are!" - American Patriots Rise

Secret Recordings Of Donald Rumsfeld Speaking About 9/11

Military Missteps: Bomb-First Diplomacy Becomes Habitual To US

General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years

Video Of "Rebels" Arming & Firing A Sarin CW Shell Into A Syrian Village

If/When They Attack Syria This Is What You Do

Money Is Not Safe In The Big Banks

Israel The One Behind The War In Syria: Mark Glenn

Syrian Activist: Satellite Imagery Proves Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack Staged By Rebels

Fighting Israels Pissy War Against Syria Imminent

One Woman Prevented WWIII; Zionist Controlled America's Desperate Lust For Iran War

Gay Jewish Synagogue Campaigns For Same-Sex Marriage: Beth Chayim Chadashim Opened In 1972

Syria Chemical Attack Facts Tough To Trace Amid US & UK War Hardline

'US Fixing Intelligence Around Syria As Unsure Who's Behind Chemical Attack'

Palestinian Song On The Internet: "We Will Strike A Blow At Tel Aviv"

USA: Drone Crashes Into Crowd In Virginia Injuring Five People

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