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Searching for the Truth Behind the Scenes. Learn before the Fight for Freedom!

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1. a highly informative Journal, where brings on air data that mostly are hidden from the public.
2. Is fighting for Truth and Justice.
3. Is fighting for a Free Aryan Folk (worldwide) and of course for a Free Europe of Fatherlands.

14, 14/88, 23/88, 88, aesthetics, air force, alternative health, alternative news, ancient history, animals, animals protection, animals rights, anti-globalism, anti-spy, anti-zionism, apollo, archeology, archetype, architecture, aris, aristocracy, army, art, artemis, aryan, aryan folk, aryan race, aryan tradition, aryanism, asatru, athena, athens, christian orthodox, christian orthodoxy, classic music, classical literature, classics, conspiracy, crypto, deep ecology, dionysos, ecology, economics, environment, epic heavy metal, epic literature, epic metal, esoteric hitlerism, esoteric nazism, esoterism, eugonics, folk, folk music, folkish, free speech, freedom, futurism, government, greece, greek language, guns, hacker, hacking, hellas, hellenism, hermes, hermetism, hero, heroism, historical revisionism, history, hitler, hitlerism, hyperborea, idealism, indo-european, jewish studies, knives, martial arts, metaphysics, metapolitics, military, military history, mithraism, mithras, music, national anarchism, national revolution, national revolutionary, national socialism, nationalism, nationalist news, nature, navy, nazi, nazism, neo-nazi, neo-nazism, neo-pagan, neo-paganism, neo-platonism, news, nr, ns, nzis, olympian gods, orthodox, orthodoxy, pagan, paganism, paranormal, patria, patriot, patriotism, philosophy, platon, platonism, politics, pro-white, propaganda, racism, revisionism, revolution, rudolf hess, russia, savitri devi, secret societies, space, sparta, spartan warriors, sports, spy, strategics, swords, theology, thule, top secrets, traditionalism, traditionalist, tyr, ufos, ukraine, white nationalism, white people, white power, white power music, white race, white revolution, xenia, zeus